The F.A.Qs

Q: How is Wicked Good BBQ different from other caterers?

A: What makes us different is our trailer. We have a custom built trailer designed specifically for the kind of events we cater. This trailer allows us to cook top end BBQ at an event location. We do not simply drop off mass produced food for you to setup and serve yourself. While we do a small amount of hot preparation and most cold preparation in our commercial kitchen, we really do the majority of the cooking right at your event, in front of your guests. It’s like having a BBQ restaurant right in your backyard(or other event location)

Q: How much room is needed for you to set up?

A: Our custom built trailer is actually quite compact and can fit easily most anywhere. We really only need a 10′ x 16′ reasonably level area in which to setup.  Before scheduling an event we review your event location and establish a layout for both the trailer and for the food service so there are no questions or concerns the day of the event.

Q:How much is catering from Wicked Good BBQ?

A: Prices vary based on the size of the event and the menu selected. We are extremely competitively priced  and will be glad to give you a quote if you contact us.

Q:What is included in my price?

A:We provide everything needed for a buffet style service including  buffet  tables and table covers, chafing pans and service ware, and plates, napkins and utensils. Most events will include 60 minutes of service time after all food is prepared. We cleanup our area and our tables at the end of food service.

Q:I have several picky eaters coming to my party, do you have any “kid friendly” menu items?

A: While most kids will love the selection of BBQ available, we do recognize that sometimes parents would like a more “kid friendly” option available for picky eaters. For that reason we are able to offer a limited quantity of burgers, hotdogs, or other “kid friendly” options as part of an event.